RemoveWAT Updates

RemoveWAT Updates coming soon for all Windows:

Window 8.1 technical blog mentioned that they have updated their WAT technology in their latest editions with the new version of WAT. In the new version of WAT technology the Microsoft upgraded the window with the facility that if you activate your window with illegal way, the window will notify Microsoft WAT server. When they are notified the PC or whole network will be shut down and a survey sends to the user’s PC to identify the user. The blog also explains about the upcoming major update call KB992344. It will use to identify the identified activation exploit that might impact their PC expertise with just some click. This process run in the background of your system silently and quickly that can notify WAT servers.


The cracks activation tools will be covered from KB992344 update.  With this callback to WAT server the Microsoft WAT servers will identify the most recent signature for the window activation. It will decide whether the window is genuine or not according to the Microsoft WAT servers.

TeamDAZ development announced that they can break this WAT fresh technology of Microsoft. It is advised for the user those are trying to use RemoveWAT on window 8.1, please stay away from the old version of RemoveWAT. Stay tuned, we will update the old version and also we will release soon the latest version to break this technology. The tool still can work on window 7 and 8. The new version will be released in one week as we promised you.

What will be in latest RemoveWAT tool of TeamDAZ:

  • The tool will be updated to enable all window versions. The target will be 8.1 latest versions.
  • We need simply to break KB992344 updated file.
  • You cannot update some block features of your window; the latest version will resolve that.
  • Can uninstall the updates easily
  • Lots of errors were found that need to be fixed.
  • Can work offline at any cost
  • Beta version with some new algorithms

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